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Greenest Carwash

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Logo Greenestcarwash

Greenest Carwash

at your home or workplace

"everywhere in the Netherlands"


17 July 2021

This is our new corporate video

16 October 2020

Greenest Carwash on Radio Sublime

Greenest Carwash is already Number 1 in the Netherlands and will advertise on the National radio in November for the first time. We have chosen for radio Sublime. Every morning 06:00 to 10:00.

Listen to the Radio Spot

Listen to Radio Sublime

21 March 2020

Greenest Carwash cleans up and kills the Coronavirus

The products and processes used by Greenest Carwash kill the Coronavirus. For this, we need to clean and shampoo the complete inside of your car. This is what we do in a Renovation Interior and Renovation Exterior/Interior

31 January 2020

Greenest Carwash cleans all the UFODRIVE cars in the Netherlands

Greenest Carwash will clean all the UFODRIVE cars in the Netherlands, meaning after each customer/rent, the car will be cleaned inside/outside without water, with ecological products and on location. Welcome on board UFODRIVE!

03 December 2019

Greenest Carwash drives Neste MY

Unfortunately, our existing car fleet is not yet 100% electric like our cargo bikes fleet. But to be the most ecological possible we refill our diesel with Neste MY.

Neste MY is 100% renewable diesel made from vegetal oil, no fossil oil at all…

Significantly Lowers Emissions: With 90% lower emissions compared to conventional diesel, Neste MY Renewable Diesel remarkably reduces your carbon footprint.

Cleaner Fuel, Cleaner Combustion: 33% lower fine particulates, 30% lower hydrocarbons, 24% lower carbon monoxide, 9% lower nitrogen oxides.

Clear Sustainability: 100% of raw materials are sourced from supply-chain partners who undergo stringent sustainability assessments. More than 10 different raw materials. 100% renewable and sustainable.

10 November 2019

​​More than 10 Million Liters of Fresh Water Saved!

Thanks to you, since the birth of Greenest Carwash we have saved more than 10 Million Liters of Fresh Water, which is equal to more than 4 Olympic swimming pools.

Every month with the donation we do to Simavi, our philosophy came true. The water we saved in the Netherlands is given to people in the world who do not have access to clean and safe water.

Thank you very much for your participation and involvement!

Greenest Carwash saved 10 Million Liters of Fresh Water

13 June 2019

Car Cleaning Zero Emission for Stadgenoot Amsterdam!

Greenest Cargo Bike cleaning cars for Stadgenoot

10 May 2019

​​Car Cleaning Zero Emission - Now also in Rotterdam!

Greenest Carwash is the biggest car cleaning company on location, present in all the towns and villages in the Netherlands.

After Amsterdam, Utrecht and Den Haag, now Rotterdam will be also covered with our fleet of Cargo Bikes to clean cars with Zero Emission!

Who is better for the environment and more innovative than Greenest Carwash in the world of the car cleaning industry???

Greenest Cargo Bike Rotterdam

20 Nov 2018

​​The Greenest Cargo Bike in Action: The solution for crowded cities!

Car cleaning with Zero CO2 emission!

Greenest Carwash is again leading innovation!

We are the first company in the world able to professionally clean cars (exterior and interior) and this all days long from Cargo Bikes...

We do not use any water but biodegradable products.... saving huge quantities of fresh water, we do not produce any CO2, the charge of our batteries is made via a green provider of electricity... Clean from A to Z...

The Greenest Cargo Bike designed by Greenest Carwash is the perfect solution answer for the car-sharing companies: their shared cars which are in generally also "shared in their dirtiness” can be cleaned now directly on location without being moved to another place...

The "traditional” cleaning of cars with water will become increasingly a problem. Our reserve of potable water reduces day after day... moving cars to bring them for a cleaning is a waste of time and money, especially in large towns where the washing streets are outside the city centers....

The Greenest Cargo Bike solution can fit all the crowded ​cities ​like Paris, London, New-York, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Roma, Bueno Aires....

The Greenest Cargo Bike in Action

The Greenest Backfiets by Greenest Carwash

Cleaning cars with a Cargo Bike

10 Oct 2018

Amsterdam nous voila!

Even we were already present in Amsterdam, now you are going to see us in each street!

The Amsterdam city counsel member, Marieke van Doorninck, has officially given the start of the monthly cleaning of 700 Greenwheels shared cars in the city center of Amsterdam: for this the cleaning will be performed without water and with our fleet of specially designed "Cargo Bike".

Greenest Carwash is again leading innovation!

Greenest Carwash Cargo Bikes Amsterdam

Greenest Carwash en Wethouder Marieke van Doorninck

Greenest Carwash Cargo Bikes in action

09 Oct 2018

October 10th: Big opening day in AMSTERDAM

On October 10th will start the monthly cleaning of around 700 Greenwheels shared cars in the city center of Amsterdam with the use of the electrical "Cargo Bike” developed by Greenest Carwash.

Thanks to the waterless cleaning, Greenest Carwash will save 350 liters of fresh water per car and per month or 3 million liters per year!

We will celebrate this big opening day in the presence of the Amsterdam city counsel member: Marieke van Doorninck, responsible for the following departments: environment, climate and energy.

You are more than welcome!

Address: Stopera Amsterdam starts on 10.00

About Greenwheels:

Greenwheels has started 20 years ago with the ambition of reducing the number of "sleeping and not-used” cars. In the meantime they have almost 3000 shared cars for the individual and professional market. Greenwheels is the leader in the Netherlands and in a big part of Germany. Their national and international development is today in the hands of Nederlandse Pon Holdings BV and Volkswagen Financial Services AG.

Greenest Cargo Bike for Cleaning Cars!

14 Sept 2018

5,000,000 Liters Drinkable Water Saved!

We are very proud to have saved this huge quantity of water since 2011 in the Netherlands. Indeed, our cleaning method uses 3 Liters of water (in all the process) instead of a minimum of 150 Liters in a washing street. Less water used is also less energy and CO2 to pump, filter and make drinkable this water.... but also to recycle it afterward....

Drinkable Water Saved

30 Aug 2018

Greenwheels Seats Cleaning...

This is the surprise we got when we opened a Greenwheels car... The result is really unbelievable. Greenwheels Customers should appreciate the difference!

Greenwheesl Seats Cleaning BeforeGreenwheels Seats Cleaning After

25 Aug 2018

in Memoriam: Jose Durieux

Jose was one of our first customer to take a monthly subscription. I still remember like yesterday when I met her for the first time. I was still cleaning cars myself at this time. She stopped and said: "Hey, it is top what you are doing! I want this also for my car! When can you start? A really great woman!!! A Land Rover Lover like me... We will really miss her.... and remember her... Jerome.

Jose Durieux

17 Aug 2018

Greenest Cargo Bikes

Greenest Carwash start op 1 september 2018 met het reinigen van voertuigen, zonder water, in de stadscentra van Amsterdam en Utrecht d.m.v. de Greenest Cargo Bike!

Greenest Cargo Bike

01 Aug 2018

Greenest Cargo Bikes Production in Spain!

Greenest Carwash will be the first company in the world using cargo-bikes to professionally clean inside/outside cars all days long! For this our bikes fleet are specially designed and made in Spain. Keeps leading Innovation!

29 Jun 2018

We start with Greenwheels!

We will clean their almost 3000 cars every month! A Green/Green partnership! You should see more and more our cars in the country!

29 Mar 2018

The "Come-back" of Alpine in the Netherlands!

Greenest Carwash was there to celebrate the "Come-back" of Alpine in the Netherlands!

GCW Alpine in the NetherlandsGCW Alpine in the NetherlandsGCW Alpine in the Netherlands

16 Feb 2018

Monthly Cleaning Services are from now included in each Executive Private Lease Peugeot

Greenest Carwash is very proud: Our Monthly Cleaning Services are from now included in each Executive Private Lease Peugeot sold in the Netherlands.

GCW Executive Private Lease Peugeot

14 Nov 2017

Just got the Simavi's Reports of 2016:

With the Greenest Carwash 2016 Donation, Simavi has built good sanitation and healthy water system at the Kinono Primary school (West Uganda). They also trained and gave information about personal hygiene.

Proud of Us! Proud of You!

water system at the Kinono Primary schoolwater system at the Kinono Primary schoolwater system at the Kinono Primary school 003

22 Juni 2017

Binnen en van buiten reinigen truck Douane

Vandaag een hele bijzondere scan truck bij Douane Schiphol van binnen en van buiten mogen reinigen ( zonder water natuurlijk).

Truck bij Douane Schiphol

31 Jan 2017

Greenest Carwash invests in Friendlybag

To help you to keep your car clean, we will hook this ecological litter bag to the stick shift of your car!

More info about the concept:

On top of this, 1 euro cent per bag is donated to Simavi...


18 Jan 2017

80 cars inside/outside for Carglass Belgium

80 cars inside/outside for Carglass Belgium in 2 days by minus 6 degrees... Greenest Carwah was the only one able for this challenge in such weather conditions... Try to wash with water :)) not sure you can open the doors...

inside/outside for Carglass Belgiuminside/outside for Carglass Belgium

28 Dec 2016

Greenest Carwash Scheveningen-Voorburg-Leidschendam-Wassenaar-Zoetermeer

Vrachtwagen cabines schoongemaakt van plafond tot het gaspedaal. Onder andere stoelen diep gereinigd om ze weer als nieuw te maken.

Alle wanden grondig gereinigd om nicotineaanslag zo veel mogelijk te verwijderen en als laatste een Sanishot om geur te neutraliseren en het aircosysteem te reinigen.

Greenest Carwash vrachtwagen cabines schoongemaaktGreenest Carwash vrachtwagen cabines schoongemaakt

31 Mei 2016


16 Feb 2016

Thank you! 10.000 kids got access to safe water in 2015!

We are very proud to have been able to finance in 2015 by our donation to Simavi, 38 new safe water points in schools of Kenya and Uganda. This way around 10.000 kids can drink this water without taking anymore risks of falling sick and even worse…

Choose for Greenest Carwash, with your help we hope to do even better in 2016!!!!

07 Oct 2015

PON Event at the Kennemer Golf in Zandvoort:

70 auto's cleaned in 6 hour.

Greenest Carwash for PON Automotive 1Greenest Carwash for PON Automotive 2

07 Oct 2015

Greenest Carwash in action for aQuaintance / Cofely:

For the employees of aQuaintance (shareholders Cofely, Tebodin and A. Hak), is October the month of Safety. Because of this Greenest Carwash cleaned the windshields of 125 company cars.

Greenest Carwash schoonmaakt Cofely voorruiten

05 Oct 2014

Greenest Carwash is in Scientas

Scientias is the most popular science news in the Netherlands with over 350,000 unique visitors per month!

23 Aug 2014

Greenest Car Care Subscription

We save your precious time by cleaning your car 12 times/year. Also for your comfort and safety, we control your windscreen washer and tires pressure. All this for a fixed fair price!

15 Aug 2014

Monday is "Hoofddorp Day"

The Parkmanagement of Park 20|20 in Beukenhorst-Zuid, Hoofddorp, which is a very ecological offices complex, has chosen for the services of Greenest Carwash. We will operate every Monday on parking's of TNT Express, Schneider Electric, Fox Vakanties and a lot of other companies ....

16 May 2014

Nominated for "Start-Up of the Year"

Greenest Carwash is nominated for the "Start-Up of the Year" award by the French Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands

Greenest Carwash is one of the 3 finalists to be awarded as "Start-Up of the year". The award ceremony will be held at the Hotel De L'Europe in Amsterdam on 11th June. Cross your fingers for us!

More info in Dutch

More info in French

15 Mar 2014

French of the Year Abroad, category Environment

Jerome, founder and owner at Greenest Carwash, has been awarded French of the Year Abroad, category Environment, on March 6th at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris (le Quai d'Orsay).

Videos (in French)

Portrait of Jerome Chanson realized by TV Channel France 24 (Stéphanie Maupas)

Video of the ceremony on March 6th at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (le Quai d'Orsay)


Benoit de Moncuit (AGS, sponsor) - Jerome Chanson (Greenest Carwash) - Donia Hachem (i>Télé) Photo Jean-Baptiste LemercierHelene Conway-Mouret (French Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs) - Jérome Chanson (Greenest Carwash) Photo Julien Vors

25 Nov 2013

New Service: Premium Interior

Specially designed for winter days: An ONLY interior program. More information on


7 Nov 2013

Greenest Carwash at the Aquatec Amsterdam

Questions about washing cars without water? Greenest Carwash is the exclusive importer for Starc's biodegradable range of car care products and the expert on this subject. Visit us in hall K at the Amsterdam RAI Aquatec trade exhibition.

Greenest Carwash at Aquactec

25 Oct 2013

Greenest Carwash en Tesla Motors showroom

Here we are in action inside the Tesla showroom. When we say we wash on location, we mean it.We wash cars without water, by hand and without leaving a wet mess behind.

greenest carwash and tesla

21 Oct 2013

Greenest Carwash & truck's cabins cleaning

Greenest Carwash Team in action for Wildkamp on the German border.


8 Oct 2013

Greenest Carwash at the Ecomobiel exhibition on 8 & 9 October

Come to visit our stand (D052) and get a demonstration!

3 Okt 2013

Maak kennis met Greenest Carwash op de Ecomobiel beurs op 8 & 9 Oktober

Ontmoet het team van Greenest Carwash op de vakbeurs voor mobiele duurzaamheid op stand D052.

12 Sep 2013

Tuesday is "Rijswijk Day"

European Patent Office employees can save time and transport costs every tuesday for the Greenest Carwash service on location in the main EPO carpark. More info:

10 Sep 2013

Thursday is "Noordwijk Day"

European Space Agency employees can save time and transport costs every Thursday with the Greenest Carwash service on location.

Estec employees can book here:

22 Jun 2013

'Road side carwash should be discouraged'

Municipalities should make people more aware of the negative effects of washing their car on the street. This is suggested by Bovag, the trade association of garage owners and the carwash sector.

In many municipalities street washing is already banned. But in many cases these measures do not work, or not enough, according to the organization.

Many municipalities invest, especially in new housing estates, in the construction of separate sewer systems. They are specifically designed to drain only rainwater off the streets.

After a wash in the street, according to the Bovag, all pollutants enter directly into the surface waters.

Research by the organization shows that more and more people wash their cars on the street rather than in a car wash. Last year, 40 percent of consumers to their car wash, preferably on the street while it was still 33 percent four years earlier, according Bovag.

Bovag the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) asked their members (municipalities) to encourage their own discouragement or prohibited better to meet. Also, local residents must reflect the effects of washing the cars on the streets.

(Source: De Telegraaf)

15 Apr 2013

Waarom Greenest Carwash?

Greenest Carwash werkt op locatie met innovatieve ecologische reinigingsproducten waarvan wij de exclusieve importeurs in Nederland zijn.

  • An excellent quality/price ratio.
  • One thing less to do. We save your precious time!
  • High quality: We offer you a professional solution! At home or in a "wasstraat" you do not have the proper equipment.
  • Your vehicle is protected and remains clean for longer, it keeps its value.
  • We give €1,- per cleaning to Simavi: Bringing water and sanitation in countries with crucial needs.
  • We do not use water: More than 150l fresh water saved per cleaning.
  • We do not use chemicals: Our products are biodegradable.
  • We do not use a gasoline generator or diesel boiler / we do not produce CO2: distinguishing us from all our competitors.
  • Our website is in English and in Dutch. We speak English, Dutch, French and German.
  • We have a 24h/day booking platform.


Thank you

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